Top 5 Affordable beauty DIY for hairs


The good news is that you can treat yourself from head to toe with items that you probably already have in your kitchen if you’re looking for natural beauty treatments that are also inexpensive and environmentally friendly. Here are 5 completely natural, budget-friendly beauty hacks that couldn’t be simpler.

1. Hydrate parched hair

Hair that is frequently heated-styled (using a flat iron or curling iron, for example), coloured, or highlighted can become dried out. Right out of the fridge, apply a moisturising mask to your mane. One banana and one avocado should be mashed together in a bowl until the mixture is uniformly smooth. Put on a shower cap after evenly combing the mixture through clean, damp hair (the mask should only be applied to your hair; avoid getting it on your clothes or furniture). Then jump in the shower and rinse after at least 15 minutes have passed.

2. Create waves anywhere

A day at the beach is wonderful, but if you don’t have the time (or access to an ocean), you can still achieve the look using ingredients from your local grocery store. A teaspoon of sea salt and 20 ounces of seltzer can be combined to create your own salt spray. Fill a spray bottle with it, then liberally spritz it through your scrunched-up hair. Another option for creating significant waves is to spray your hair with saltwater before braiding it (two French braids work best). To achieve true mermaid hair, let your hair air dry completely before unbraiding it.

3. Avoid splitting hairs.

When it comes to homemade beauty hacks, coconut oil is kind of a magic bullet because there are so many things you can do with it and you can pretty much apply it everywhere. It’s great for maintaining hair hydration because it’s high in fatty acids and proteins. Rub a tiny bit between your fingertips—truly, just a dab is sufficient—and use it as a treat for the ends of your hair, pinching it into the ends. This trick will keep your style tidy and guard against damage without weighing down your locks, so it can be used on fine hair as well.

4. Correct tan pool hair

Chlorine and other chemicals can give your hair a green tint if you’ve been swimming all summer (or even if your water is extremely hard). Yuck! Bring some tomato juice with you into the shower to tone it down; you’ll need at least 8 ounces, though long hair may need more. After running the juice through your hair, let it sit for approximately 15 minutes. The tomato juice’s acids will have time to eliminate the chemical residue because of this. Following a thorough rinsing, shampoo and condition as usual.

5. Develop a head of curls

Although “corkscrew curls” are a term we’ve all heard used to describe bouncy, Shirley Temple-style hair, leftover wine corks can actually be used as curlers. You can use them exactly the same way you would a regular curler: wrap a wet 1-inch hair strand around the cork, then fasten it in place with bobby pins. After you’re done, blow-dry it thoroughly to remove any remaining moisture, then unroll your curls. We’re not advocating increasing your wine consumption, but hey, it’s a good excuse to keep your corks.

All the above DIY hacks are very easy, but make sure you are following the exact procedure. For more beauty hacks, you should give us a try.

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